The Nanny McTooth

Ladies and Gentleman, Boys and Girls, People of All Ages,

It gives me great pleasure to tell you that

Cai has an
Nanny McTooth
Her Dramatic Quest for Freedom

This just in!
…or out, depending on your perspective…

(Note: Stunning camera work by yours truly. Don’t judge. Filming steadily while shushing herds of children and keeping the naked breakdancing one out of the shot is a tough skill set to master.) ...  read more

Gross Tooth Economics

Although they were once perfectly straight, Cai’s two front teeth have been on the move for months, overlapping and wonky and sticky-outty, the result of Gross Tooth Economics. In regular economics, we know the word gross means “before deductions.” It’s the same with Gross Tooth Economics which is the product of adding grown-up teeth before the subtraction of baby teeth so they’re all mooshed in there together. Also, it’s gross. ...  read more

On Getting My Butt(s) Kicked

I didn’t literally get my butt kicked, although I might know a certain 5-year-old who lives at my house who likes to beat his mama’s cheeks like bongos.

Your butts make beautiful music, Mom. Plus — bonus! — they jiggle wiggle jiggle wiggle.

No, I’m talking more about a figurative butt kicking.

As in, I am pooped, y’all. ...  read more

UPDATED: How to Dress for an Oregon Summer

Why? How do your kids dress for summer?



Hey, y’all! Since I posted this pic of Cai preparing for Oregon summer, I received this photo, How to Dress for an Alaska Summer, from my friend Carleta:

Carleta: “I can’t provide any explanation for what he is wearing.”

It made me laugh and laugh.

So, late at Facebook-night, I asked for your pictures because we may live far apart, but we are one in spirit and in strangely dressed kids. And, even though it was a holiday weekend, you sent ’em. ...  read more

If cleanliness is next to Godliness…

I handed my son a napkin.

You know, no reason.

He looked at it as though I’d handed him a Walkman. Or a Ming vase. Or brand-name cereal. Something so outside his experience as to be completely foreign.

Befuddled and with furrowed brow he said, “What’s this for?”

I think this sums up all I have taught my children about cleanliness. ...  read more